Services for Photographers


I am a photographer and photo editor specializing in documentary, lifestyle, and fine art work.

I offer services for photographers to help your work stand out, speed up your workflow, and help you free up your time so you have more to spend on what you love about your business.

PRO PLAN –  $125/year:

I am opening a limited number of spots for photographers who want premium service and consistent support. 

Pro clients receive:

  • No minimums on orders
  • Access to fastest turnaround times – starting at 3 days for culling/basic color correction
  • 10% discount when they purchase $500 in bulk credit

ALA CARTE SERVICES:  $25.00 minimum 

Culling ($.05 per photo submitted)

Strong culling ensures that your body of work best portrays your photographic skills.  As a photographer myself, and with a fresh set of eyes, I can help you narrow down to your best, strongest images for your clients.

Selection of culled images for the following: ($.05 per image culled):

  • Main Gallery
  • Album
  • Blog
  • Instagram
  • Portfolio

With your culled images, I can also assist you in selecting the best and most appropriate for various aspects of your client presentation and marketing, from client slideshows to your Instagram postings.

Cull + Exposure/Color Correction: $0.15 per image

Basic documentary-style editing:  $2.00 per image

Documentary editing includes:

  • Removal of sensor spots
  • Adjustments to curves/contrast/highlights/shadows/clarity/texture/dehaze/straightening
  • As needed, small adjustments to the HSL panel
  • Goal with documentary edits is to create natural, minimal enhancements to maintain the integrity of the documentary work, while enhancing the detail of the photograph

    Other editing services available on request.

To further speed up your workflow, I can also provide color correction and documentary editing services to match your editing style, and enhance your images, while maintaining the integrity of your documentary approach. 

And if you need help with more styled images, I can assist with other image correction and editing services to help you realize your creative vision.

Slideshow Creation:

  • 50 images or less: $25
  • 50-100: $35
  • 100+: $0.35 per image

Album Creation: 

  • Services tailored to your needs