Nicholas Nixon: The Brown Sisters: Forty Years

January 17, 2021

Change over time is another major theme I tend to be drawn towards in my own work and the work of others, whether it’s places or people.  Today, I want to share a book published in 2014.  Nicholas Nixon’s book, The Brown Sisters: Forty Years, showcases images he took of his wife and her three sisters each year from 1975 through 2014.  When I look through the pages, I am struck by all of the in-betweens.  The days that filled each year between photos no doubt contained multitudes.  Yet, each year’s image is a celebration of being together, again.  Of love over time.  Of aging and inevitability.  Nixon’s photographs are clearly a gift to the sisters and their families, but are also a gift to the rest of us who are on life’s journey.  I really hope there will be a new version in 2024.