Let's Get Real.

What if you could slow down your crazy days?

What if you could grab a moment and hold it in your hand? What if you could examine not just what it looked like, but what it felt like?

You could hold on to the warmth of a snuggle, the joy of your children laughing, the strength of comforting an overtired toddler. You could take real moments from today with you into tomorrow to help you remember and to feed your soul. As a professional photographer and artist, I can help you do just that. The moments, the interactions, the connections are there, whether you are just hanging out at home, celebrating a birthday, or visiting a favorite place in town. These moments are unique to you and unique to now. Don’t lose them to the shuffle of time. Let’s put them in your hands. Let’s hang them on your walls. Let’s put them in you children’s hands. Let your children see how much you value these moments, and how much you value them. My Family Documentary Sessions are designed to capture the beautiful ordinary moments that make up the fabric of your life. Give yourself and your family the gift of being in the moment while I capture the memories for you. Session ideas include: Hanging out at Home Morning Routine Evening Routine Playing in the Backyard Visiting a Favorite Location Enjoying a Family Event or Activity Taking a Staycation Together Or Even Booking a Series of Sessions Throughout the Year That Will Give You a Beautiful Collection of Images for an End of the Year Album

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