Here’s the thing, the world is complex, and simple, and beautiful, and ugly, and familiar and so, so strange. My way to inhabit it has always been with a strong desire to see places and to make things. Through my life experiences I have developed an intense appreciation for the built environment, for the amazing things that people create, and for the juxtaposition of built and natural.

My work stems from a process of slowing down. It asks questions, remains curious, and is filled with appreciation for the people, places and details that are all around us, but that we don’t always take the time to stop and notice.


San Francisco Bay Area photographer, Janet Boyko, was born in a 1972, not far from the colorful fantasy world of Disneyland, and she grew up in a fairly idyllic planned development in the outer suburbs of Washington, DC. She was always fascinated with other places and communities, and by the time she attended college, her interests directed her to studies and a career in landscape architecture, urban design, and real estate development which play a major role in influencing her photographic projects and explorations.

A move to Silicon Valley in 2008, brought her a whole new environment to explore. After homeschooling, and raising her two sons, Janet began to concentrate on her developing passion for photography, documenting places, and celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary of the human environment. She is also the Education Coordinator for Documentary Family Photographers Worldwide, and serves family clients with quirky, fun, heartfelt photographs that capture the stories of their lives.