Here’s the thing, the world is complex, and simple, and beautiful, and ugly, and familiar and so, so strange. My way to inhabit it has always been with a strong desire to see places and to make things.

As a kid, I was forever asking my mom to either take me someplace (anyplace) or to make something with me. As I searched for my place in the world, I became drawn to architecture, urban design, and communities. I worked as a landscape architect and urban designer for eight years, revitalizing older communities and planning for new ones.

I developed an intense appreciation for the built environment, for the amazing things that people create, and for the juxtaposition of built and natural.

My work stems from a process of slowing down. It captures joy in the ordinary that might have been otherwise overlooked. It is filled with appreciation for the people, places and details that are all around us, but that we don’t always have time to stop and notice.

*My photo taken by Christopher Eriksen