We are all a sum of many parts giving us jewel-like facets that make us sparkle and shine.

My facets give me a strong love for family connections, a designers eye for composition, lines, colors, shapes, an architect’s sense of space and light, a journalist’s passion for telling stories, and a child’s curiosity for new and wonderful things. I reflect these through my photography.

I am a photographer, but I am also a mother of 17 and 13 year old boys. I am a wife, married to my high school sweetheart, and we just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary!

Before I opted to leave my first professional career to focus on raising my boys, I was a landscape architect and urban designer focusing on revitalizing neighborhoods, and creating new communities.

Before that I was a passionate student interested in design, architecture, communities and connecting people, and journalism.

And even before that, I was a daughter, an instigator of neighborhood Halloween parades, a collector of shiny things found on playgrounds, a lover of silky soft fabrics, and a very curious baby who scared her mother when she bit down on a glass Christmas tree ornament.

I can’t wait to meet you and learn about the things that make you sparkle and shine!